How to Make Nativity Play Costumes for Next To Nothing

It’s coming up for the end of term and Christmas is just around the corner. That can mean only one thing: The School Nativity Play.

Unfortunately, your little performer can’t play the same role every year (and they’ve already outgrown last Christmas’s costume anyway) – so you’re going to have to conjure up a whole new costume all over again when you could be enjoying a fun round of no deposit bingo. Bah humbug!

But don’t panic! At Two Little Fleas we’ve compiled the ultimate nativity costume DIY cheat sheet! Whether your little one is portraying a shepherd or the star, these handy resources from all over the web will help you to whip up a great DIY nativity costume for next to nothing, in next to no time. You can thank us later.

1. Mary

Pretty much every little girl secretly wants to be Mary, just a little bit. If your youngster has secured this starring role, it’s time to get wonderwebbing. This handy tutorial from Netmums will help you create a great Mary costume in mere minutes for the price of a metre and a half of blue fabric plus some wonderweb. Easy peasy!

2. Angel

Is your young going to be an angel this year? The answer’s probably “no” off stage, but come nativity play time, you’re going to need to make them an angelic costume.

This how to from Flame (The Creative Children’s Ministry) will help you create your very own angel wings from cardboard and paper (feel free to add a little glitter!). Then all you need is a large white pillowcase with armholes cut out and a halo made from a circle of tinsel and hallelujah! Job done.

3. Shepherd

Jennifer Jain of Jennifer’s Little World put this very cute and effective little shepherd costume together for just £2.49. We particularly like the crook made from an old curtain pole with a nifty piece of crook-shaped cardboard sellotaped to the top.

4. King

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Aside from a cut out crown, gold, frankincense or myrrh, your king’s costume can be made from old dressing gowns and pieces of clothing you likely already have lying around the house. If you want a few more pointers and some DIY tips to help you make your little king’s accessories,Parenting Extra has some handy pointers.

5. Star

Most children would love to be the star of the show and, if your youngster has the role of the star in the nativity play, you’re probably going to have your work (literally) cut out for you.

Fortunately, although they take slightly more effort, star costumes can be virtually free to make. Try this how to which uses cardboard, paint, glitter and a little elastic!

Do you have any crafty costume ideas for this year’s nativity play? Perhaps you have some cracking suggestions for sheep and shepherds? Share your ideas, tips and pics with our readers below or by tweeting us  @TwoLittleFleas.

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