4 Fun YouTube Workouts That Won’t Cost You A Penny

If you’ve eaten as much cheese and as many mince pies as the Two Little Fleas team this Christmas, you may well find yourself feeling guiltier about sitting around playing a round of relaxing free no deposit bingo than usual. Should you be hitting the gym? Shouldn’t you buy some trainers and go for a run?
We think that you deserve to enjoy your bingo without any fitness guilt! We also think you shouldn’t have to pay and arm and a leg just to get a workout. With that in mind, we’ve scoured the web for some super fun and totally free YouTube workouts you can try in the comfort of your own home without paying a penny! Sweat bands on, ladies!

1. Pilazies

Who says you have to get out of your pyjamas – or even out of bed in the morning – to give yourself a workout? Nope, we’re not talking about the sexy kind, we’re talking about pilazies: Pilates for lazy people. We like this a lot. Especially the cameo from Kym’s adorable little pug.

2. Jane Fonda’s Retro Workout

If you like your workouts with a retro twist, this neon-leotarded beauty is an absolute treat. We’re talking Big Hair, electronic music and plenty of sweat. Don’t underestimate Jane, she’ll burn off those extra roast potatoes in no time.

3. Blogilate’s POP Cardio Dance Workout

The permanently upbeat Cassie brings you her Hot Summer dance workout and will not let you quit. You’re going to need to learn and remember quite a few steps to get this cardio dance workout down but Cassie’s ridiculous levels of energy will see you though.

4. How to Train Like a Victoria’s Secret Model

This woman puts actual Victoria’s Secret models through their paces – and now she’s going to turn you into a lean, mean, supermodel-esque machine. This is going to hurt, but all those squats will be worth it, we guarantee it. No pain, no gain!

Do you have an at-home post-Christmas workout regime? Do you have a favourite YouTube channel which keeps you fit? Share your best bits below with our readers or tweet us @TwoLittleFleas

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