5 More Items You Should Really Start Buying from Charity Shops

Love saving money and unearthing unusual treasures? There are lots of items you can buy for next to nothing from your local charity shop. Free no deposit bingo fans may remember our bumper “10 Things You Should Really Start Buying From Charity Shops” post from last May. Well, this month the Two Little Fleas team have been back on the scavenge, uncovering all sorts of excellent bargains and brilliant bits and pieces perfect for frugal families and crafty individuals.

Here are 5 more fantastic finds for you to dig up from you local British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research or SCOPE store…

1. Kids’ toys

If you have rugrats of your own, you’ll know how quickly toys can fall out of favour! Some parents will pop unwanted toys into storage for their next child, others will donate unwanted toys to friends and family with young children – but lots and lots of barely used kids’ stuff ends up in the charity shop where you can snap it up for next to nothing!

Forget splashing out on the latest, brand new gizmo for kiddos. Instead pick up nearly new toys and games from your local shop, give them a quick clean and prepare to be the best parent ever!

2. Writing sets

Charity shops are a goldmine for those “unwanted gift” items. Stuff that you get from your distant Aunt Carol but don’t really have any use for. Writing sets are exactly this sort of item. If you love pretty stationary which doesn’t set you back £20 in Paperchase, have a rummage around your nearby charity shops. Two Little Fleas uncovered some cracking William Morris themed writing paper only last week. Nifty if you like to send letters the old fashioned way – and in style!

3. Little boxes

Hate clutter but love kooky décor? Want to give little gifts in real style? Charity shops are full of pretty little boxes, just plain perfect for tucking away keys, jewelry, bits and bobs. If you want to go all out with a little present for somebody special, these items are equally brilliant for giving your gift wow factor – for no more than a couple of quid. Get rummaging!

4. Belts

Belt snapped? Need a few new accessories to wear with your favorite jeans? Look no further than – you guessed it! – your local charity shop. From bulky men’s belts you can team with your skinny jeans for a cool “boyfriend” look, to slim retro belts perfect for your vintage tea dress – go have a gander!

5. Small furniture

Small chests of drawers, footstools, jewelry boxes – these smaller items can be picked up really cheaply in charity shops. A lick of paint or a quick spot of reupholstering will turn them into perfect pieces for your home.

Do you have any charity shop finds your particularly pleased with? Share them with our readers below or tweet your snaps @TwoLittleFleas.

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