5 Ways to Keep Your Home Cosy for Less This Winter

November’s here and it’s definitely getting chillier. If you’re already bundled up in your woolliest hats, jumpers, scarves and thermal underwear, you’re probably starting to worry about your energy bills. It’s not cheap keeping nice and toasty these days, which means we all need to be a little savvier about how we heat up our homes (unless, of course, you win your next fabulous round of online bingo with no deposit!).

To keep you snug as a bug this winter, we’ve got 5 cosy tips to help make staying toasty cost less…

1. Get free loft & heating insulation

Keen to keep your home warmer and your bills smaller? Loft and cavity wall insulation plays a big part in how energy efficient your home is, how much energy you need to keep cosy and how much you spend on heating your property. Now you can get insulation for free, thanks to a new government initiative. Up to 90% of homes qualify for this service. One of the best known services comes from British Gas (use this tool to check your eligibility), but you’ll also find plenty of information through official channels like the Energy Saving Trust.

2. Drop just one degree

What’s the odd degree here or there? What’s the difference between 23 degrees and 22 degrees? Well, you might not feel it, but dropping your thermostat by just one teeny tiny degree could save you as much as £75 per year. Make sure you only set your heating and hot water to come on when you really need them too!

3. Embrace wool

Whether you’re a keen knitter or crocheter, or simply love a snuggly jumper, stocking up on woolly wares will keep you warm whatever the weather. It might sound simple, but filling your home and your wardrobe won’t just help you keep the heat in, it will also help you to feel warmer mentally. Add cosy throws and blankets to beds, sofas and chairs to avoid turning up the thermostat before you really need it.

4. Get together

One of the best ways to really heat up your home is to get everyone together in the same room. Just think of a penguin huddle! The more bodies in a space, the warmer it gets – which is also a great way to spend more time with your nearest and dearest. As the winter nights draw in, get everyone to join in and spend some quality time together in the name of cosiness!

5. Drink more tea

A chilly day is the perfect excuse for another cuppa. Whether you’re a tea person, a coffee person, a hot chocolate person or even a mulled wine person,topping up with hot beverages throughout the day will keep your very own internal thermostat high. Just remember to only fill your kettle with as much water as you need for your cup to keep those energy bills as low as possible.

Do you have any great energy saving, cosiness boosting tips to share with our readers? How do you like to stay warm in the winter? Let us know below or share your ideas with our team via Twitter @TwoLittleFleas.

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