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10 Insanely Manly Gadgets

Manliness is not just a checklist of beards, rough hands and plaid. It is a state of being. And whether you climb mountains, repair machines or survive impossibly life-threatening situations, you want gadgets that can get the job done as well as you can. These 10 insanely manly gadgets embody manliness so perfectly, they’ll put… Read more »

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Online Clothing Lines

You know about Victoria Beckham’s now famous dresses, Sienna Miller’s Twenty8Twelve and Beyonce’s House of Dereon, but did you know about these other celebrity-owned fashion lines? Whether you did or not, you can get in on the celebrity action, just by visiting their websites. Sean John This brand has been around for so long, you… Read more »

5 Cool (and Cheap) Science Experiments You can Do at Home

If your kids are the inquisitive types, they probably need near constant stimulation to stay interested in things, especially at the weekends. Luckily, the internet is full of cool (and cheap) science experiments you can do at home. Here are five of our favourites. Find your blind spot with a card Source I bet you… Read more »

14 Surprising Celebrity Eco-Warriors

You’d never know it, but these celebrities (and one ill-reputed politician) are passionate about conservation and protecting the environment. Pierce Brosnan Source Pierce Brosnan is best known as James Bond, but he really loves the environment. He is on the board of the California Coastal Protection Network and the Natural Resources Defence Council, and he… Read more »

14 Amazing Images from Google Earth

Google Earth is an amazing tool. Simply download it onto your PC, then zoom around the planet, getting a bird’s eye view of far-off places. So many people have done just that, in fact, that they’ve found some pretty amazing things. Luckily for us, they took screen grabs and put them online. Below are 14… Read more »

The Biggest Gadgets of 2014

Every year, it seems our new gadgets are rendered obsolete by the new, big technology releases. 2014 is no different, and these are the biggest, most revolutionary gadgets we’ll be able to get this year. Google Glass Source You’ve probably heard about Google Glass all throughout 2013: commentators and early testers raved about the wearable… Read more »

Meet Some Newly Discovered Amazonian Species

There have been hundreds of scientific expeditions to the Amazon for the past three years. And every time the boffins go out there, they come back with hundreds of new species. In the past three years, they have discovered 258 plants, 22 reptiles, 58 amphibians, 84 fish, 18 birds and one mammal. They’ve also found… Read more »

Check Out These 7 Awesome Free Online Games!

We all love a good game – that’s why we do what we do here. But sometimes it’s nice to find new games online. And when those games are free as well, all the better. We  scoured the web for the best free games out there, and below are seven insanely fun ones. So check… Read more »

5 Environmentally Friendly Wrapping Options

The holidays are a great time for giving and all-round good cheer, but it does encourage lots of consumption. Most of this – the eating and drinking and the giving of gifts – boosts the lovely warm feelings we get. Others, like wrapping paper, just use up resources and give us extra things to clean… Read more »

10 Things the Internet has Killed

The internet is a grand thing. It gives us access to all the world’s knowledge, it has sped up all sorts of business interactions and transactions, and it connects us like nothing before. It may even be making us smarter. But like any world-changing technology, it gives with one hand and takes away with the… Read more »