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To find an online bingo site to join, you have to be absolutely sure that you’ll be getting all the things you need from the site you choose to play at. Sure, a variety of bingo games and rooms is important, but not as important as the safety and security of your sensitive details.

That’s why when choosing an online bingo site to join, you must first consider the security certificates and online gambling licenses it holds, and the payment methods it offers. It is extremely important to find an online bingo site that offers top-notch payment methods that can provide you with a safe and secure online banking. And while traditional payment brands have set bulletproof-secured online banking systems, there are some more innovative solutions you can use as well. One such solution is Paysafecard. Why should you consider using Paysafecard across online bingo sites, you must be wondering?


…is a product established by a very reliable Vienna-based financial company Paysafe Group, behind many other popular products like Neteller and Skrill. Essentially, it is a prepaid card, but throughout the years, it grew to become so much more and offer so many other services. It was launched in 2000, and by 2007, it was very successful all across the EU.

It was created…

…with the aim to attend to all those shopping maniacs with a mean that would provide them with a secure and easy internet shopping system. But as it grew and received EU funding, it became so much more. One of the main reasons behind its success is that it allowed users to pay online without having the need to connect this solution to their banks and other financial institutions. Therefore, anyone who didn’t have a bank account or wasn’t eligible to open one could transact online with Paysafecard and purchase goods by purchasing their prepaid card or voucher with cash.

The massive expansion…

…of the product all over France, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Slovakia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic led to an expansion to non-EU countries like the USA, Canada, Mexico and Turkey, among others. And with that, with the recognition it received, the product managed to get Financial Conduct Authority’s license through its UK subsidiary, Prepaid Services Company Ltd. And in 2015, the company acquired UKash, another voucher system, which only further proved its strategies to become the number one prepaid solution in the EU. Today, it is a solution available in over 40 countries.

When it comes to its availability…

…across online bingo sites, you should know that it is a method that is widely available across powerful sites. Any online bingo player interested in receiving the benefits that come with this payment solution can use it, as long as the method is available in their country.

Getting Started with Paysafecard

As introduced…

… Paysafecard is a voucher, a prepaid card. You can purchase it at land-based retail stores, gas stations and other authorized resellers. Just choose the denomination of your voucher, give the staff cash and you’ll get your Paysafecard. As easy as that. And while in the past, you could only purchase the voucher offline, now, you can also purchase it online, at any PayPoint retail outlet. Again, you have to choose the denomination and pay either with another Paysafecard voucher or via any credit and debit card. The available denominations are $10, $30, $50, $100, $150 and $250.

There is another version…

…of the card that you can purchase, as well. This is the fully online version, My Paysafecard. In order to use it, you would have to create an account where you’ll need to disclose your name, email, address and create a username and password. To fund this account and consequently use My Paysafecard, you’ll get to use credit, debit cards or a Paysafecard voucher.


…then, there is the Paysafecard MasterCard that you can also purchase, which is issued in collaboration with MasterCard. And while this card basically functions in the same way as My Paysafecard, it also allows you to use it to pay online and across land-based locations wherever MasterCard is accepted.

After you purchase the voucher or card of your preference, you will receive a 16-digit PIN code. This will be your key, your password to depositing across online bingo sites. Once you receive the code, either online or offline, you can instantly start playing your favourite online bingo variants.

Making Online Payments across Online Bingo Sites

Given its nature…

…this voucher is very easy to use. Before you start using it, though, make sure you go through the process of picking a safe site to join which accepts it as a payment method. As mentioned, there are plenty of sites you can explore to find the one you like. You should know that all leading online bingo sites accept it, so you should have no issues finding a proper online bingo site to join.

To make a deposit…

…you would have to join the online bingo site you liked, and you would have to visit its Cashier/Deposit/Banking page. From the list of accepted methods, choose Paysafecard. You will see a pop-up appearing on the screen, where you can choose one of the three previously described services to use. If you choose the regular voucher, you would only have to enter the 16-digit PIN code and you’ll have your funds transferred immediately to your online bingo account. This will save you the trouble of sharing personal details with the site, which is a rather awesome feature.

Should you wish to deposit…

…with My Paysafecard, you would have to log in to your My Paysafecard account, and with that, you would have to disclose some personal info to the site. And finally, if you’ve ever used any credit, debit or prepaid card to fund your online bingo account, you should know what to do when depositing with Paysafecard MasterCard. You would have to enter the card’s number, expiry date, the cardholder’s name and finally, the amount of money you wish to deposit. Once you confirm your transaction with whichever of these three solutions, the money will be on your online bingo account instantaneously.

One important thing…

…you need to know about Paysafecard, which you probably already assumed, is that it is a payment method that can only be used for deposits, due to its nature as a prepaid card. You would need to look for an alternative solution for withdrawals. This is where you can consider using the other products by the Paysafe company, Neteller or Skrill. These are eWallets that offer excellent features and are perfect for online gambling.


Do any fees apply when depositing with the voucher?

No. All deposits with the voucher are fee-free, and that’s the beauty in this payment solution. That’s why it has become so popular across online bingo sites. Most other payment methods you are required to pay a fee, a small one usually, but still. But not with Paysafecard. However, from the 13th month of voucher use onwards, there will be a $5 fee, as well as a $5 fee for dormant accounts, and a $6 redemption fee if you ask for a refund from any retailed.

Can I deposit at an online bingo site with the solution via my mobile device?

Sure! As long as you have the card in your hands, you can make a deposit via your smartphone or tablet. To make a deposit via the My Paysafecard account, you just have to start the depositing procedure via your mobile device and follow the instructions. In fact, you can even download an app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store and install it on your iOS or Android-powered mobile devices, for an even more convenient mobile paying experience.

Do online bingo sites offer special bonuses for Paysafecard users?

As a matter of fact, yes, there are some sites that want to promote the use of vouchers and that’s why they create offers for Paysafecard users to entice them to deposit with it. It could be a No Deposit Bonus, an extra Bonus Match to the 1st Deposit Match or any other bonus, as crafted by the operator.

Does the solution offer a Customer Support service on its own?

Yes. Paysafecard offers a fast-responding Customer Support service comprised of expert agents that are available 24/7, to answer all of your questions and handle all of your problems. You can get in touch with them via the hotline, the on-site contact form and email.

Are there any disadvantages to using this payment solution?

There are two obvious disadvantages to using this payment solution. One, it is not available in all countries around the world. Players that are not residing in the countries where it is available cannot use it. And two, it is not a solution available for withdrawals. This is what mainly discourages users from using it. But as long as you’re playing at an eligible country and you’re fine with withdrawing with other alternative options, you will greatly benefit from using it.