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Going across online bingo sites in hopes to find the one that suits you, you’re probably spending a lot of time looking for all the things these sites have to offer. Eventually, you always settle for a site that has the most to offer, naturally. The best bonuses and promotions, the coolest bingo variants and the safest payment methods are on top of the list of things you’re looking for.

And while on the safest payment methods subject, there’s one that really stands out from the crowd as it has a years-long reputation as one of the safest out there, MasterCard credit card. When you hear MasterCard, you are hearing trustworthiness, and that’s normal, considering the brand has a high reputation all across the world, in all industries, the online gambling industry included. There are only a few, if any, bingo sites that don’t accept it as a payment method. And that speaks volumes about the brand.

Why is MasterCard credit card an option worth considering for playing online bingo?

MasterCard Credit Card – Overview

MasterCard credit card…

…is one of the oldest credit cards rolled out way back in 1966 in the US. Considering its beginnings were so long ago, it is no wonder that it has billions of users today. As such, it is an international payment method that has been used both across land-based and online platforms. With quite a rich history of transaction processing services and the seamless reputation all across the globe, across all kinds of industries, it is one of the top payment methods available out there.

When it was first launched…

…the then-called Master Charge credit card was VISA direct competition. It was owned by a membership organization, with shares owned by more than 25,000 financial institutions, but it was created by Crocker National Bank, the Bank of California, Wells Fargo Bank and United California Bank. The credit card, however, was being issued by all financial institutions that held shares.

Its beginnings were humble, we may add, considering its services went from 25,000 financial institutions to virtually any bank and payment processing service known to mankind. It expanded all across the globe, literally, across more than 180 countries. On that note, when it went global, it rebranded and changed its name to MasterCard Worldwide, emphasizing the fact that it is, indeed a payment solution available all across the world.


…MasterCard credit card is definitely one of the most used credit cards, one of the top three next to VISA and AmEx. With its massive user base, it is no miracle that it is available across hundreds of online gambling sites, bingo sites included. Bingo players from all across the world can use it and enjoy a gaming time without worrying about the safety of their money.

However, let’s not forget the fact that in 2018, MasterCard and VISA rolled out new tokenization protocols for online gambling, and that since April 2020, the credit card ban for online gambling in the UK came in effect. So, as a UK player, you cannot use this incredible solution to gamble online anymore. Certain other countries have also forbidden gambling online with a credit card, so if you decide to use it, make sure you check the rules and regulation in your country of residence to see whether you can actually use it or not.

Getting Started with MasterCard Credit Card

If you have ever been issued a credit card…

…then you probably know the procedure. To apply for a MasterCard credit card, you would have to visit your bank, a bank you already have an account with. If your bank doesn’t issue MasterCard credit cards, which is highly unlikely, just find any bank in your vicinity that does issue and open an account with it.

Filling out the application…

…would take you a couple of minutes of your time. While filling it, you will see that you’ll be asked to choose the type of credit card you would like to apply for. There are various choices, so depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose to apply for a World Elite, World, Platinum, Gold and Standard credit card. As suggested by their names, these cards are suited for a different clientele, businessmen, travellers, everyday users and casual users. So, depending on whether you’d use the card for playing bingo online only or for other types of purchases as well, choose the one that fits your needs.

Submit the application, and you’ll be asked whether you’d like to claim the card in person by going to the bank again or by mail on your home address.

In a week or two…

…you will receive your card. The envelope will arrive with a PIN code. This is the code that’s usually asked for land-based purchases only but is sometimes also asked online. Therefore, make sure you keep it safe as it will be your key to transacting with this credit card, and the key to your funds.

Depositing and Withdrawing

It should be more than clear by now that MasterCard credit card is available across many online bingo sites, so you will have no issues finding one that you’d like to join and play using your credit card. The minute you join the bingo site of your preference, go to its Banking page, or sometimes labelled as the Cashier page.

In the Deposit section…

…find MasterCard’s logo and click on it. A new window will appear on the screen with empty fields that you need to fill out. Fill out the required fields with some basic info, such as your name and surname, and then some details about the card itself. You’d have to provide the 16-digit card number and the CCV2 code found on the back of the card. These are the necessary codes which MasterCard implements in order to verify users’ identity. In case needed, add the PIN code you received in the envelope. Finally, add the amount of money you wish to fund your online bingo account with.

Confirm the transaction…

…and you’ll have your funds on your online bingo account in a few minutes. From here, you can use the money to play all of your favourite 10p bingo games, 75-ball bingo variants or any other type of bingo on your favourite networks like Leapfrog, Dragonfish and Gamesys.

While withdrawals…

…were a possibility with MasterCard credit card previously, since the US forbid withdrawals with the UIGEA Act, the company restricted transactions from online gambling sites to users’ cards. Since it is a serious financial institution, MasterCard takes restrictions, laws, rules and regulation seriously, as well. Therefore, if you decide to play with it across online bingo sites, you would have to find an alternative withdrawal method to cash out your winnings.


Can I play online bingo with this credit card via my smartphone?

Yes, absolutely. If you have the card with you and the card has money on it, then you can deposit with it from any device, smartphones and tablets included. That is, if the online bingo site you joined is optimized for mobile play. As long as everything is in order, you can deposit with it from wherever you are.

Which are some of the disadvantages of using this payment method?

The most evident disadvantage that concerns online bingo players is the fact that no withdrawals can be made with it, so players need to look for alternatives. Also, UK players are not allowed to deposit with it across online gambling sites, so no bingo players from the UK can use it.

What is the biggest advantage of using MasterCard credit card?

Naturally, one of the biggest advantages of using MasterCard is the fact that you can play across online bingo sites freely knowing that it is completely a safe, well-reputed payment method with a spotless track record and a rich history of processing seamless transactions all across the globe. If there’s a payment method you can truly trust, that’s MasterCard credit card.

Do fees apply when depositing with the credit card?

This would depend on your bank. In theory, yes, all banks will charge a fee for the basic transfer of money. However, some have heftier and some more reasonable fees, so before you apply for a credit card at your bank, make sure you learn more about the fees. If the fees are insane, you can always open an account with another bank and apply for your card there.

If I have a problem with a deposit transaction, who do I contact?

First, you could try contacting your online bingo site’s Customer Support. If the issue is something they could handle, they will. But, if it is out of their jurisdiction, then you can contact your bank or pay it a visit. The bank should resolve the problem. Just know that MasterCard also offers its own Customer Support service, so if you’d like to, you can contact their agents as well.