Parlay Bingo Sites

Parlay’s gaming software platform launched in 2004 and now spans several complementary components that can be used together to provide a fully licensed online gambling service, complete with all of the necessary back-office functions too. Unlike many other software platforms, however, Parlay also allows support for third-party games, enabling its suite of titles to be extended to include specific games that are not part of the core network.

In the case of bingo, Parlay has been around for even longer, with its first bingo software dating back to 1998 and its games now including 75-ball, 80-ball and 90-ball rooms, and its platform promising “unlimited customisation”.

Virtually Social

Parlay’s bingo platform supports not only real-money gaming, but also virtual currencies and points-based play. This means you may find it powering social network-based games, or virtual-money rooms on bingo sites.

You could even find yourself playing in a Parlay-powered room on your mobile phone, as the software can be integrated into apps. Providers can have the software integrated into their own site, or hosted by Parlay, making this a flexible and all-encompassing means of adding bingo and other casino games to a site, social network profile, or app.

Going Global

Parlay is based in Canada, in Burlington, Ontario, but is a truly global gaming brand. It provides gaming software to major US-based brands, including Churchill Downs and Publishers Clearing House. You can also find UK-licensed sites on the Parlay network.

One example of these is The Palaces, whose games run in GBP, and which is licensed and regulated in the UK by the Gambling Commission. The site is connected with the land-based chain of casinos and bingo halls of the same name, operated by managing director Patrick Duffy.

Ways to Win

Parlay-powered sites typically offer the 75-ball and 90-ball versions of bingo that have become the two main staples of online bingo everywhere. However, there are other types of room available on certain sites, including 80-ball as mentioned above.

Notably, certain sites within the network have also sometimes offered Swedish-style bingo, a variation on 75-ball gameplay that gives players a total of five different chances to win in each game, rather than the usual one chance per 75-ball pattern.

Special Offers

Offers on Parlay-powered sites often appear to be quite lucrative – deposit bonuses of 200-250% are not unheard of. At The Palaces, when you sign up, you’ll receive £5 of free bonus credit every day for 30 days, providing that you wager through your money each day too – making a potential £150 in free credit for your first deposit.

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